Welcome to Tyler Ridge, an Income Affordable Apartment Community.

Rental Rates are as follows:

One Bedroom $690

Two Bedroom $800

Three Bedroom $900

Application Fee: $40

Security Deposit: $350 (additional might be required)


Income requirements that each household must meet are as follows:


# Household        Income Level

1 Person                 $29,580

2 People                 $33,780

3 People                 $37,980

4 People                 $42,180

5 People                 $45,600

6 People                 $48,960

7 People                 $52,320

8 People                 $55,680



Gross income is calculated as income before taxes.


Income includes, but is not limited to wages from employment, social security, pension, court ordered child support, military Income, unemployment, self-employment income (must be verified with previous tax return), and gift contributions (can only be 35% of qualifying income).


Rates and Income Levels subject to change.


Effective 5/1/2021